About me

Welcome my little mouse,
I know your are scared but also fascinated so GIVE UP all resistance as you proceed entering my realm !
Starting with this very second I am your Goddess ( TaDeesse) and your are my worshiper.

MISTRESS BELLA - my name will remain imprinted in your brain.
The more you submit the more you will please me and right here MY PLEASURE matters most !
Forget you past , forget your social life, forget your friends, forget your job ! All you have to do is OBEY !
You have never met anyone like me before ! So if you are ready to experience the most intense moments of your life knock and I will let you in MY UNIVERSE !

I adore Europe and I like to explore it while travelling  !  
Switzerland is next on my conquering  list ! I like to feel all the diversity of Europe and I super enjoy  conquering a country by conquering its men and turning them into my worshipers ;)
I challenge you  to dare changing your life : book a session with me so we meet on my next travel to Switzerland  ( Zurich and Geneva ) and you will begin to feel what passion really is !